Mary Ellen Griffith

Mary Ellen Griffith is an enthusiastic, ESOL and reading endorsed educator living in Lake County Florida. She is an award-winning English teacher who holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is published in local magazines and newspapers.

Griffith enjoys sharing her passion for reading and language arts with children of all ages and learning levels. In fact, she has been doing just that for 24 years. Utilizing the Socratic method, Griffith encourages students to delve beneath the superficial in the classics through analysis of style, tone, historical impact, and rhetorical devices. Additionally, students learn to understand scholarly jargon, or simply comprehend the nuances of the English language. 

Research is the backbone of scholarly composition, whether a research project, journal article, or an admittance letter. In that vein, Griffith provides learners with the tools to recognize bias – a needed skill particularly when exploring today’s digital sources – and use those skills to carefully construct a piece worthy of peer review.  

In writing, students learn to make every word count whether it be prose, a letter, or scholarly composition. In short, Griffith is a great mentor and motivator for all who wish to perfect their understanding and use of the English language.