About Us

We pride ourselves in being able to design each tutoring session towards the individual at hand so that we can have the strongest results on their scores and their content understanding and retention. In order to do this, we utilize the Socratic method of teaching, where we will ask the student leading questions in order to allow the student to find the way to answer themselves. This not only helps the student understand the concepts better, but more importantly, it helps them retain the information longer and helps them to build self confidence so that they will perform their absolute best when being put to the test.

We here at Miles Smart Tutoring are an eclectic group of teachers coming from all walks of life, whether it be a recent college graduate who is completely fresh in the material, or a recent retiree who has the life experience to help a student be able to apply what they are learning to the real world. We spend the beginning of our working relationship with the student to help build an understanding of who the individual really is, what their goals and interests are, and what their learning style is so that we can create the perfect path towards their success!