Trevor Carter

Subjects: Biochemistry, Biology, Science, Chemistry 1&2, Microbiology, Organic Chemistry 1&2, Math, Algebra 1&2, Trigonometry, and Precalculus; can also do Calculus 1&2. 

  My name is Trevor Carter and I live in Northeast Tennessee. I graduated from the University of Tennessee, summa cum laude, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I have a passion for helping others which is why I am pursuing medical school to become a doctor.

I have significant experience in tutoring and mentoring and I know just how important these services are, as I have been tutored and mentored many times throughout my academic career. I am very open-minded and easy to get along with; I also serve as a confidant for students to discuss any topic that they may choose to discuss. I take pride in being a very determined, hard-working individual.

I have significant knowledge in many disciplines and I am able to work fast due to this, although I am human and cannot know every single minutia of a topic off the top of my head, I promise that I will work diligently until I find the answer to whatever question we are tackling. I am very motivated and I truly care about providing the best assistance possible, therefore I am not afraid of spending extra time with students until I feel confident that they are well versed in a topic. I look forward to meeting you!

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