Perry Miles

Perry started Miles Smart Tutoring as the only one in the organization before bringing in professionals. He still tutors to this day! His passion was to help students in need so they could succeed by developing study skills, study habits and appropriate problem solving techniques. Even though his business has been in existence since 2016, he has other passions in his life. Those passions include pickleball, basketball, baseball, hiking, chess and attending concerts. Mr Miles is also a huge fan of Metallica, pho, Indian food and Thai cuisine. While he exhibits some serious tendencies, his favorite movies include Happy Gilmore and Little Nicky.

Before founding the company, he was in the sports broadcast industry for 5 years. Perry will watch as many Yankees and Rangers games as possible while his girlfriend makes fun of him, rooting for Martin Brodeur’s former team (the Devils, Yuck!)

Mr Miles intends to travel internationally within the next few years in his hope of landing on five of the seven continents. It is a goal indeed!

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